• First footer

    21/01/2022 by

    Our first footer this year was a woodcock. The first day of 2022, and the night before a new moon, my partner had been driving along the single-track road towards home when his headlights fell on a dark eye, ringed in brightness, right in the middle of the van’s path. Beyond the verges, the ground… Read more

  • Gathering Acorns

    05/11/2021 by

    When the skies are clear now, their blue is edged with ice, and the hills have gathered their first snow. Finally, the acorns are turning from bright green to warm brown. I’ve been stalking the fallen fruit from the oak, raking my fingers through wet leaves to gather little harvests that are lunch for our… Read more

  • Wind

    07/10/2021 by

    Wednesday 22 September was the Autumn equinox, which marks the moment the Northern Hemisphere no longer leans towards the sun. Air temperatures at the pole begin to drop. The resulting difference of temperature between pole and equator creates movement in the air – creates wind.  With the wind, comes change. Leaves that were quiet under… Read more

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