• Storing light

    21/01/2021 by

    It would be easy to miss the winter solstice, living as we do in a world of artificial light. Walking at night across the field by our house, the eye is drawn away from the black hill, towards the warmth of home. Light spills out of our north-facing windows, falling onto the oak tree like… Read more

  • Yellow and bronze oak leaves, still with green chlorophyll in their midribs and veins.

    Autumn colours

    24/11/2020 by

    The green hills are singeing into copper and bronze. All around us trees are drifting too into the autumn spectrum. From the yellow birch to the still green oak, with rowan, alder and hazel at varying stages between, the trees and bracken are calling back their chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the green pigment that allows the… Read more

  • Sea Eagle

    07/10/2020 by

    As we drove home from town along the south shore of Loch Eil, my son exclaimed ‘look at the geese mummy!’.  It turned out he meant gulls, hundreds of them, all lifting into the air at once.  Flying along the surface of the loch below them was what I first took to be a buzzard. … Read more

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